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Pictures don't do these automotive works of art justice... but they will have to do for everyone that couldn't attend!! And we have the best ones.

2004 BITD Vegas to ____Reno, NV____
The harsh desert near Pahrump set the stage for the start of the 2004 Vegas to Reno Race and we were there for the start.

2004 Memorial _Pismo Dunes, CA_
The Dunes are always a great place to cruise around with friends and family. Take a look at some of the rich scenery.

2004 Kool April Nights, Redding CA_
Kool April Nights Cruisers take over Redding CA. Hot Rod owners not deterred by looming rain.

2004 International __Auto Salon, LA__
A great celebration of auto styling. SEMA's IAS shows the most current auto trends straight from LA.

2003 Sema __Convention, LV__
We want it all. The Las Vegas Sema Convention HAD it all.

2003 Off-Road Expo
The place to be to get a look at the top fabricators in So-Cal! Between all the HUGE lifted trucks to the no-nonsense pre-runners there was a lot to see.
ACTION! Dust to Glory Film Released !!

In case you didn't know the best off-road movie to ever be filmed was recently released to the theatres. Our friends at Donahoe Racing were quick to remind us of the event as they were also the main fab shop to sponsor the show premier in Monrovia (Los Angeles). Also in attendence was the Iron Man himself as well as the director Dana Brown (EXCELLENT DIRECTOR). Click on the picture for more info about this event and pictures of some of the mean machines that made it out for the show.

SEMA 2004 - Customized Vehicle Overload

Just as always SEMA 2004 was bigger than the year before. This year the emphasis seemed to be in the mobile audio and car sections of the show. There were some amazing customized cars and trucks on display that were trick from the inside out. This years SEMA04 pictures section is the most impressive yet so click your way on over there and look closely because each vehicle has many, many hours of work invested into it. SEMA is getting out of control.

The Toyota X-Runner - Focusing on performance

Toyota seems to be focusing their sights on the street truck market. At the 2004 Chicago Auto show they unveiled the new Tacoma X-Runner. The new VVT-I controlled V6 should be in showrooms this summer. The X-Runner will be larger than the S-Runner by stretching the wheelbase 5 inches and wider by 4 inches. Of course this means the cab will be a little more spacious also. The larger dimension combined with 240hp/275lbs of torque will offer more towing capacity than ever. You can bet that the X will be offered with the supercharger as well as a standard reinforced frame, firmer bushings, large diameter sway bars and Bilstein gas shocks. Sources have claimed that the handling is better than many sports cars including the Nissan 350z.


The Vegas to Reno race is the longest off-road race in the United States. Beginning in Las Vegas the racers sped through many different types of terrain such as mountains, Silver Springs, plenty of sand and even through a mining town. With the race course elevation range going from 3,000- 8,000 the participants had a lot of terrain to cover. For more info check out our calendar of events or the Best In The Desert Racing Association Info Page.

Gas Prices! - They get you coming and going

Yes, gasoline prices are rising. Politicians are calling for alternative fuels and lower energy consumption in the U.S. And fewer cars seem to be driving around (at least the teenagers). So I decided to share some information. The following links are packed with information concearning the rising oil costs and might offer some answers.

Gas Price Watch
Gas Buddy

Now this link has a little bit more fun with the subject of alternative fuels. An 18 MPH Humvee?? YES it does exist and it drives at nearly the same level of performance! And you might say, "18mph! That's nothing to brag about." But considering that the Humvees get 5mph from the factory, that's incredible! Read on about the GREENHUMMER .

Kool April Nights 04'- The biggest classic autoshow in CA

I don't know of a bigger classic auto show (besides Hot August Nights in LV) than this one. It was HUGE. Even though it threatened to rain, no one was scared to roll out their classic cars for cruising and showing. There was so much happening in Redding that week I was shocked to learn about the immense schedule. There was a HUGE amount of entries this year as well as massive amounts of people coming from all around. For more info check out our calendar of events or the official Kool April Nights website. What a great show. -->Click for the pictures!<--

International Auto Salon 04'- LA trend setting

The 2004 International Auto Salon (IAS) was packed full of cars of all kinds as well as trucks and SUV's. Sema's LA event brought out many companies showing off their new products and even some professioanl racers. DUB Magazine was there with a whole corner full of heavy hitting luxury vehicles. Take a closer look at some of the many custom vehicles that were on display at our 2004 Auto Salon Pictures section.

FORUMS Now Live - CALENDAR of events added!

Our all new FORUM is now live and ready for everyone. Due to high requests and the will to make an easy to use and uncluttered forum we have launched our own. Make sure and check it out and feel free so sign up and feel free to speak out on any topic. We also decided to upgrade the calendar section to make it easier to keep updated and easier for everyone to view all the information. The new shopping cart is nearing it's launch date as well!! Things are looking great.

The Brand New H3T- More rugged, more utility

GM has already got everyone's attention with the new H2. Now they are trying to keep your attention and maybe gain some more with their new H3 TRUCK. Based on a modified Colorado/Canyon chassis, this ride will feature coil springs at all four corners. To give this truck a kick in the pants GM is planning on turbo-charging the new Vortec 3500 I-5 engine. 350hp should turn the 265/75-15 size tires just as easily as it will turn heads! This truck is going to be packed with power as well as options AND is said to have had some design help from the guys at Nike. Here are some Hummer 3 pictures from GM to give you something to think about until they arrive in showrooms: Click them to enlarge.


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