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Pictures don't do these automotive works of art justice... but they will have to do for everyone that couldn't attend!! And we have the best ones.

2004 BITD Vegas to ____Reno, NV____
The harsh desert near Pahrump set the stage for the start of the 2004 Vegas to Reno Race and we were there for the start.

2004 Memorial _Pismo Dunes, CA_
The Dunes are always a great place to cruise around with friends and family. Take a look at some of the rich scenery.

2004 Kool April Nights, Redding CA_
Kool April Nights Cruisers take over Redding CA. Hot Rod owners not deterred by looming rain.

2004 International __Auto Salon, LA__
A great celebration of auto styling. SEMA's IAS shows the most current auto trends straight from LA.

2003 Sema __Convention, LV__
We want it all. The Las Vegas Sema Convention HAD it all.

2003 Off-Road Expo
The place to be to get a look at the top fabricators in So-Cal! Between all the HUGE lifted trucks to the no-nonsense pre-runners there was a lot to see.

Hottest Corvette Paint

Smooth Diablo

McLaren F1

Amazing Details

Got To Love Those Doors!

Yamaha Powered

Yellow Rims To Match the Paint

Saleen S7

Very Bright Yellow

Nicely Modified Honda S2000

HOT Vertical Door Nissan 350Z

Japanese Spec Acura NSX

Lightweight Body Skin

NSX's Are Known For Their Comfy Interior

Maximum Rubber Under This NSX

Hot Cars And Trucks Were Inside And Outside


One Hot Mustang

Audio / Video Mustang

Convertable Bug For The Beach

Saturn Is Stepping It Up

City Freeway Terror

New Modified Corvette

VERY Deep Red Paint Job

Speed Bump?

Transforming Mini

Serious Power Mini


Automatic Hood Action

Viper V-10 Tucked In The Front

Very Nice

Well Put Together Corvette

Perfect Bassani Exhuast

Chryslers Stylish Paint

Un-Beatable All Wheel Drive On The Street

Lambourghini Club

A Ferrari Modena


Autobahn Ready


Remember The Honda CRX??

Flat White Paint w/Airbrush Accents

Got Stereo?

Toyota Supra

Fast And Furious

Check The Monitor In The Window

2nd Generation RX7 With Insane Paint

Old Power For A New RX8

A 3-Rotor Wankel Hides In This Beast

Think She Drives One?

Sport Trim Mazda RX8

Bentley On Rimes

The Carpet Garage

Wheels Galore

One Smooth Porsche

The High Roller Section

Lexani Styled Cadillac

Nissan Drifting 240

A Rare Fast Probe

This Is The Nissan 350Z Section

Upward Opening Doors Are Popular

Wildest Paint on a 350Z

Not Slow

Tokico Equipped 350

Serious Power Through Greddy For This 350Z

The Most Tricked Out 350Z

How Did This RX8 Get Here?

One NICE Body Kit


Now This Project Took Some Time!

Convertable 350z's Are In High Demand

Got NOS?

This Car Must Have It All

Watch Out For The Steering Wheel

Laptop Included

Deep Orange Volvo

Heavy Hitting Volvo

Irrestibly Blue 550R

Perfect Family Wagon V70R

All Business Mustang

Secret Agent Car

Very Sleek Camaro

VERY Smooth Inside and Out


The BFGOODRICH Floorapce

The New Turbo Neons Are Fast

Figure This One Out!

Skyline Floating On TEIN Springs

Very Nice

Tricked Out Subaru STI

Mitsu Lancer

Low Riding WRX

Very Fast Looking

K&N Subaru WRX

This STI Has It All

W i d e Mouth Body Kit

Seriously Modified Subaru Engine


The STI Comes With BIG Brembo Calipers

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