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Pictures don't do these automotive works of art justice... but they will have to do for everyone that couldn't attend!! And we have the best ones.

2004 BITD Vegas to ____Reno, NV____
The harsh desert near Pahrump set the stage for the start of the 2004 Vegas to Reno Race and we were there for the start.

2004 Memorial _Pismo Dunes, CA_
The Dunes are always a great place to cruise around with friends and family. Take a look at some of the rich scenery.

2004 Kool April Nights, Redding CA_
Kool April Nights Cruisers take over Redding CA. Hot Rod owners not deterred by looming rain.

2004 International __Auto Salon, LA__
A great celebration of auto styling. SEMA's IAS shows the most current auto trends straight from LA.

2003 Sema __Convention, LV__
We want it all. The Las Vegas Sema Convention HAD it all.

2003 Off-Road Expo
The place to be to get a look at the top fabricators in So-Cal! Between all the HUGE lifted trucks to the no-nonsense pre-runners there was a lot to see.

Most Impressive Truck By Ford

Solid Aluminum Everywhere

4ft Jump and You're In!

Where's The Hide-A-Key!?

Actual Rivets Down The Side

The Day Before It Had A 50cal. On Top

Solid Military Electronics

Army Tough

Army Stealth

International Tough!

What A Hauler

Ford Van, Truck?

F150 Ready To Run

Ready For Mud

F150 Ready To Run

Not Hard To Create

Not Hard To Create

NICE and Original Paint

Stillen Made Titan

AMP Research Ford

Factory Nissan

Interesting Wrangler By Skyjacker!


Very Tasteful Tundra

Nice Fade Here

Different Yes...


Must Get Myself One...

Thick Ford Family Wagon

NO Clearance At ALL!?

Stadium Truck By Nissan

Desert Support Armada!

Silverado on 18s?

Acid Swirl Paint

Lambo Door F-Series

Trick Inside & Out

Street SS Chevy

Clean Smitty Bars

Show & SHINE

Manly Dodge!

Rolling In Good Form

Off-Road Lift...On-Road Wheels?

Nice and Simple =]

What's Next!?

Literally On Rollers

Point This Guy To The Jungle

Well Styled Colorado

Too Clean For The Trail!

Nice Colors On This Escalade

Outrageous But Not Annoying

T.V.'s Of Course

Bushwhacked Tacoma

The All NEW HONDA Truck

It Was Inevitable

US Forged Wheels

Can't Go Wrong With A Hummer

Except Maybe Pea Green

D.J. Scribbles Hummer 2

Whoa Accessories!

Can You Handle The Shine On This?

Hot Or Not?

Monster Trucks This Year

Nice Rack

Skyjacker Is A Great Company

CST Desert Style

Nice Bed!

Smooth GMC For Sure

Ughh Sorry For This Picture... AWESOME Truck!

Unique Titan

Bully Dog Rig

How Much Does That Bumper Weigh!?

Ground Effex New F-150

Line Em Up

Thank You U.S. Armed Forces

All Speed VW Touareg

Monster HP Racer

A Monster Period But Rear-Steer?

Amsoil Racer

Grill Only Made By Ford!


Solid Grey Tacoma

Nice SSR Chevy


Some Hours Went Into That Paint

Rubicon Ready

Titan Lift Uncovered

Smoooooth Front End

Wood Panel Avalanche

Perfect Match Of Tires And Lift

Ready For Anything


Rock Crawlers In Attendance

Over The Top

Whoa, Nice Dodge!

Hard Looking Front End

Toys, Toys, Toys


The Tow Package

Nice Work Truck



Doesn't Get Much Better


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