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Pictures don't do these automotive works of art justice... but they will have to do for everyone that couldn't attend!! And we have the best ones.

2004 BITD Vegas to ____Reno, NV____
The harsh desert near Pahrump set the stage for the start of the 2004 Vegas to Reno Race and we were there for the start.

2004 Memorial _Pismo Dunes, CA_
The Dunes are always a great place to cruise around with friends and family. Take a look at some of the rich scenery.

2004 Kool April Nights, Redding CA_
Kool April Nights Cruisers take over Redding CA. Hot Rod owners not deterred by looming rain.

2004 International __Auto Salon, LA__
A great celebration of auto styling. SEMA's IAS shows the most current auto trends straight from LA.

2003 Sema __Convention, LV__
We want it all. The Las Vegas Sema Convention HAD it all.

2003 Off-Road Expo
The place to be to get a look at the top fabricators in So-Cal! Between all the HUGE lifted trucks to the no-nonsense pre-runners there was a lot to see.
Jetta 4cyl has since been replaced by a Cadillac Northstar V8 :D

More ground clearance than ever.

Longest custom drive axles ever!

Fenders? Who needs em.


What started out as an innocent dune crawler is quickly turning into a dune STALKER. This Bug has seen a heavily modified VW engine and then a Jetta 4cyl. The owner has decided to skip upgrading to the supercharged Corrado engine in favor of a Cadillac Northstar V-8. We're not sure about what the transmission will have to say about this but the result will be conveyed on this page regardless. New pictures of the engine (already installed =) coming soon. SOrry to report that this project was SOLD for mucho dinero. It was fun while it lasted! Efforts will be parlayed into a much more utilitarian vehicle (off-road support bus!)






























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